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Wide range of selective plated parts are supplied by our group of companies. We cater for selective Gold, Silver, Nickel, Tin, Palladium etc. Plating on almost all ranges of ferrous and non-ferrous base materials.

We provide competitive solutions for:

#    Selective plating on raw materials and parts.

#    Strip to Strip Plating for parts.

#    Reel to Reel Plating for raw materials.

Product Summary

Precision Stamping Parts with Selective Plating

Other conventional plating range:

# Electrolytic Tin Plating (Bright and Matte)

# Nickel and Electroless Nickel Plating

# Trivalent Zinc

# Black Zinc and Nickel

# Rhodium

# Silver

# Gold

To contact us:

Phone: +604-431 7868 (Office)

Fax:     +604-431 8868

Mobile: +6012-498 1548 (Dr. Boey KH)


E-mail: [email protected]

Selective and Reel to Reel Plating Facilities

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