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Customized EMI Shields and Encapsulation


Our shields are mostly from deep drawn design. One very common problem for EMI shields or EMI Encapsulations or EMI Cans is that the potential of rusted cutting edges.

This effect is utmost prominence in the range of products that having very high temperature differences between inner and outer case during product operations.. High dew point will create minute moist formation on the component and hence promoting the formation of rust especially on the bare cutting edges.

Our Solution:

We are taking the remedial action right from the source of raw material by looking at the metallurgical approach.

Our company develops a series of  raw material known as “Alulite NL”  range which having distinctive EMI properties and solderabilty. The cutting edges of this material do not rust over time regardless of the operating environment.

Product Summary





 No more issues and worried on rusted cutting edges on stamping parts.


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